10 Apr 2015

Air drying Oak logs dry very slowly in the round (complete log). Logs left for 15 years can still have a moisture content of 50%. We like to mill them quickly to get the drying process started. The speed of drying is critical. If oak dries too quickly at first it will shake (cracks will […]

02 Apr 2015

How are we selling oak at lower prices today than we were 20 years ago? There are two main reasons why we’re able to offer good quality oak at low prices. Firstly, the exchange rate is improving, negating some of these price rises. Secondly, the increase in demand is mostly for lower grades, boosting the […]

01 Apr 2015

From the forest to the joiner Oak can grow 1m per year and will be ready to harvest after 70-120 years. Once a tree is felled it must be quickly planked or kept under water sprinklers. The water is to stop the timber drying too quickly and splitting. It will also protect the wood from […]