07 Dec 2017
oak frame

Ah, hello, you’re back. Shall we continue… STABILITY!!! We love stability here at Timberpride – That’s why all our joinery timbers have been air dried for years and only then kiln dried. Most Joinery oak is kiln dried from green now, but we believe this is the best way to annoy a joiner. We can […]

13 Sep 2017

When using green oak externally rather than internally, then just remember, it WILL change colour. This is because the tannins will wash out due to the Great British weather, sorry, we mean the rain – our mistake! UV in sunlight has a similar effect, so it will still weather as we have a summer. Don’t worry though, it’s under 1mm […]

25 Aug 2017

Ah ha, welcome back. So, last time we got to how everyone will be green with envy (get it?!)In this little blog, we will let you know a few snippets on colour and moisture content and perhaps a frame. Here’s where we get a bit technical so you will have to bear with us. Green Oak […]

17 Aug 2017

Now then, this is a blog about green oak, not the green as in the colour, but green as in the green form – the wet form. Here, you will find out all you could ever want to know about green oak. And maybe some stuff that you didn’t know that you should want to know. […]

02 Mar 2015

After the ice When temperatures raised after the ice age, oak trees became prolific. They evolved to cope with local climates and soils – if you take a seedling from one part of Europe and plant it in another, you will see how it differs. Its genetic difference will no longer be an advantage. Traditional […]