Oak Frame Garages and Outbuildings

When you’ve decided to have an oak frame garage, barn or home office it’s not about choosing a pre-designed template.  Oak frame garages come in all guises, single bay double bay, triple bay or more.  You may want storage or first floor accommodation.

Barns can be all shapes and sizes and put to myriad uses, stables, storage, workshops, party venues to name a few.

Your garage or outbuilding needs to fit in with your property and do the job you want.

Working Together

That’s why we listen to our clients and ask questions to help us understand what you want to achieve.  We can then help to realise the project by designing a frame that fits with your brief be it design led, budget sensitive or a fine balance between the two.

Every frame is hand-made by our small skilled team in our Tetbury workshop from sustainably sourced British oak.

Design Solutions

Your building your design.

Every frame is unique so we design the frame drawing until you’re satisfied.  There is normally a comfortable balancing point between design and budget. This is one of Timberpride’s great strengths, there are infinite possibilities in Oak frame buildings. If we start with the space you want to create than add how you want it to look then tune the design to meet your budget, design solutions can always be found.

Whatever you want, a Timberpride Oak frame can last for many hundreds of years and will always be made of genuinely sustainable Oak, we can even tell you where it grew.


We ethically source British oak

"Just wanted to say I’m very happy with the service provided by Timberpride."

Produced to Order

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