Oak Roof Structures

Oak roof trusses come in many forms. It’s not just about holding the roof up!  Feature or cosmetic trusses don’t even do that, they are just for show!  Being able to see the whole structure with vaulted oak trusses makes an unforgettable impression.

Whatever you choose you can be sure your trusses will reflect your environmental ethics and be a positive choice for sustainable living and will last for hundreds of years.


Working Together

We will listen to your needs, suggest solutions based on our experience and aim to offer a package that fits with your design and budget brief.

Produced to Order

Every truss is made in our Tetbury workshop from British oak, you can even come to see the truss in manufacture.  But before our carpenters start work, we will produce drawings to specify exactly what we will make and for your peace of mind have your professional specifier check it and sign it off.

Our business has its roots in forestry

"Big thank you for all your help with designing and delivering on time the lovely oak A-frame."

Natural oak that doesn’t cost the earth

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